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New Houses

Building a new home is an exciting process. Some parts of it can give you additional stress, like the presence of pests. Construction zones are full of these creatures. That is why you need to check out these five pest control tips when you’re building a new home.

Check the Area for Pests Before Building

You found the lot you want to build on. Now you need to check the area for pests before the building starts. Do not worry if you see these creatures. Remember, before you claimed the land, they called the area home. Checking the property or lot will give you an idea of which types of pests are in the general area. Then you can figure out which measures you need to take to get rid of them and keep them away. 

Throw Away Food and Beverages Immediately 

Above all else, pests look for food and water. With many people coming in and out of a construction zone, food and water will be all over the place. If workers leave any trash, they are inviting pests in the area to stay. Do not let this happen. Instead, make sure everyone throws away all food, beverages and other trash immediately. 

Inspect Raw Materials

You never want to build with pest-infested materials. Instead, before installing or applying anything to your new home, inspect all materials. Check every single piece of wood that is going on your property as well as flooring pieces, glue, staples and other supplies. 

Pretreat for Termites

Did you know that you can pretreat your construction materials for termites? You can use non-cellulose materials to minimize your chances of termite infestations. Talk to your builder to see if this is an option. Also, remember to avoid as much wood-to-ground contact as possible. 

Install Features That Keep Pests Away

During the building process, consider installing features that keep pests away. For example, you can install weatherstripping on doors and windows as well as screens. A local home improvement store or your contractor can give you additional information to keep pests out of your new home. 

By following these five tips, you will have an easier time controlling pests while you are building your new home. If you need any help before, during or after the process, feel free to contact Termagon Termite and Pest Control at any time.

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